Whilst working for Hyperlaunch DMG I designed concepts for clients including Glastonbury Festivals, Channel 4, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Universal Music, Mercury, Island Records, Playstation, Polydor & Harper Collins. Below are the pitch concepts for Faithless. 


RATIONALE : The space is non – descript and ambiguous.The setting is run down, urban decay, mysterious and dark, atmospheric and exciting without being too sinister. Upon arriving you are in a dark entrance point with occasional flashes of brilliant light strobes / lasers flash behind the eroding door. There is a feeling of anticipation  created for the user. The door rattles and moves to the bass of the music (track playing). The person stood at the entrance begins to erode, as the lights touch him, the shell of his clothing / physical body disintegrates, until he become a dancing electric skeleton moving to the beat of the track player . The door edge is gradually becoming more and eroded at the corner so that the light forms escape more. When you click on the door the chains and bars break away, there is a transition, an explosion of light and colourful lightforms, a feeling of immersion as you are pulled in.

© 2018 Jenny Hughes

Faithless Pitch Concept